Solution Focused Brief Therapy Association

fostering the growth of solution focused practices


CEUs are offered through New Mexico Highlands University for both the pre-conference workshops and the conference itself. CEUs are available for all mental health disciplines (with the caveat explained below).

For the two-day pre-conference workshop on Wednesday and Thursday, 12 CEU hours are available; for the one-day pre-conference workshops on Thursday, 6 CEU hours are available; for the half-day pre-conference Research Day, 3 CEU hours are available. For the actual conference on Friday and Saturday, up to 8 CEU hours (including Poster Session) are available on Friday and up to 6 CEU hours are available on Saturday.

Please keep in mind that each state in the U.S. has differing standards for CEUs; conference attendees will be able to present the CEU certificates earned but the states’ licensing boards have the final say about accepting CEUs earned outside each respective state. Since SFBTA is a small, volunteer-run organization, we do not have the resources to secure CEU approvals through each state’s licensing boards.

For those who do not seek CEUs, certificates of attendance will be available.

The cost for the CEUs is $20 per day of CEUs. So for regular conference attendees (up to 14 hours) the cost is $40. For those seeking CEUs for the pre-conference workshops, the cost is $20 per day, regardless of the number of CEUs earned. Yes, this is somewhat higher than in past years, but is the best we can offer in New Mexico.