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Solution-Focused Brief Therapy Training

SFBTA is committed to offering a rich program of solution-focused training inspired by the trainings conducted in past years by Insoo Kim Berg and Steve de Shazer at the Brief Family Therapy Center in Milwaukee.

Downloads Useful for Agency-based Training & Practice:
SFBTA wishes to make available to practitioners and agencies any documents that promote SF practices in various types and at all levels of agency practice. If your agency is moving in a solution-focused direction and you have developed and are able to freely share documents that describe your useful training, planning, and/or supervision practices, as well as supporting documentation templates and procedures, SFBTA would like to review these documents for possible posting at this website for others to download. The process is to submit such documents (along with a brief abstract of their contents and the e-mail address of a contact person who is able to answer inquiries) to the SFBTA training committee by e-mailing them to Please submit the documents in Word and in a generically available font such as Times New Roman, Arial, or Book Antiqua. Two members of the committee will review the documents for consistency with the definition of solution focused practice as described in the SFBTA treatment manual (available at SFBTA Research Page). Once reviewed and accepted, the committee will post the abstract(s) and the document(s) in pdf format so that they cannot be altered. Listed below are the currently available abstracts, downloadable documents, and contacts. If you should use these materials in your ongoing work, please cite the source.

Below is a List of Documents Useful for SF Training and Practice and Their Abstracts
To See Just a List of Links for Downloading, go to the download page:

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Download Insoo Kim Berg’s Supervision Manual Here...
Read Abstract here...A supervision and mentoring manual developed collaboratively by Berg and supervisors in the child welfare system of Wisconsin under the sponsorship of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay with funds from the Children’s Bureau, Department of Health and Human Services. Contact: Peter De Jong (

Download Child Protection Field Guide Here...
Read Abstract here...This manual lays out interviewing procedures for child protection investigative visits and follow-up sessions. While the language of the strengths perspective was incorporated as required by the granting agency, the interviewing procedures invite clients to build a vision of what they want different and to construct how to make that preferred future happen in their situation using their own as well as other resources they identify as important. The manual and its interviewing procedures were developed collaboratively by the Partnership for Safety team (Insoo Kim Berg, Susan Kelly, & Peter De Jong) and CPS workers and supervisors at the Family Independence Agency of Michigan. Contact: Peter De Jong (

Download Solution-focused Tools for Child Protection Practice Here...
Read Abstract here...This is an unpublished article about the Partnership for Safety project at the Family Independence Agency of Michigan. The article describes the tools and the solution-focused, collaborative approach taken to building them. While the language of the strengths perspective is incorporated as required by the granting agency, the tools themselves are solution focused and include the application to child protection practice of questions about the clients’ preferred futures, exception questions, scaling questions, and coping questions. Complete copies of the tools are available on request. Contact : Peter De Jong (

Download Instructor’s Guide for Interviewing for Solutions(4e) Here...
Read Abstract here...The guide includes the group and individual exercises De Jong & Berg have found useful for teaching solution-focused interviewing skills organized by the chapters in their book. Descriptions of the exercises are given along with detailed tips for conducting and processing the exercises with learners. Contact: Peter De Jong (

Download Learner’s Workbook for Interviewing for Solutions (4e) Here...
Read Abstract here...The workbook includes the group and individual exercises described in the Instructor’s Guide along with white space for completing the exercises; deleted from the workbook are the detailed instructions and tips for instructors. Contact: Peter De Jong (

Download Arlene Brett Gordon's SF Forms for Work with Children & Families Here...
Read Abstract here...These solution-focused documents were specifically designed for practitioners who utilize Solution Focused Brief Therapy in their work with children and families. The documents create a template to engage client-families as active collaborators in: assessing their own understanding of their current situation; establishing achievable goals; developing action plans to reach those goals; and recognizing improvement as it occurs. They include a Family Assessment, a Family Assessment Update, a Family Action Plan, a Family/Client Scale, and a Transition Summary. Contact: Arlene Brett Gordon (

Download SFBTA Position Paper on Training Here...
Read Abstract here...SFBTA has an interest in accessible, high quality training in SFBT. We understand that training may take place in a wide variety of formats, ranging from a one hour sampling to intensive workshops of a week or longer, often extending over periods of several years. Different settings include public workshops, agency-based training and educational institutions. Size of groups also varies widely. Given that varying formats may necessitate adjustment of the curriculum, SFBTA values the principles presented in this position paper.

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The training committee and board of SFBTA continue to review ways to develop and promote training in solution-focused practices. Watch this page for further developments.