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2024 Pre-Conference

  • 7 Nov 2024
  • (CST)
  • Embassy Suites - Downtown Fort Worth, 600 Commerce St, Fort Worth, TX 76102
  • 146


  • Presenters: Courtney Guhl Huckabay & Elizabeth Taylor

    Sandtray is a modality through which clients or participants can speak and create their preferred futures, address challenges, and identify resources. This constructivist approach allows the child, adolescent, or adult client to be the expert of their challenges and solutions as they create their own perspectives and worlds in the Sandtray. The therapist acts as a witness, encourager, and facilitator to assist the client in finding their strengths, possibilities, and solutions. Participants will have the opportunity to practice as they learn the basics of solution-focused Sandtray and how it may be useful with different populations.
  • Presenter: Drew Dutton
    Embark on a transformative journey with Project Empathy, a workshop designed to dismantle the stigmatization surrounding substance use disorders. Rooted in evidence-based practices, this innovative session provides a profound exploration of the neuroscience of addiction. By seamlessly integrating the latest research, we unveil barriers, shedding light on why current treatment models often fall short and leave a significant population unsupported. Introducing solution-focused therapy, strength-based approaches, positive psychology, and empathy as potent tools, this workshop offers practical insights for incorporating these principles into a range of substance use disorder-related interactions. Whether in casual engagements or professional treatment methodologies, discover how to infuse empathy and positive intervention into every facet of your approach. Stay informed with up-to-date information on the impact of substance use, with a dedicated focus on the unique challenges faced by adolescents. Project Empathy serves as your gateway to a more compassionate and effective understanding of substance use disorders. Join us in breaking down barriers, fostering empathy, and reshaping the narrative around addiction. It's time to transform knowledge into action and ensure that everyone, without exception, belongs and matters.
  • The Research Day is hosted by the SFBTA Research Committee
  • Presenter: Joel Simon

    Since the second conference in 2004, SFBTA has offered an introductory workshop for those who have had little or no prior solution-focused experience and who want to learn the philosophy, assumptions, and practice of this approach so that they can better enjoy the conference. The workshop includes experiential exercises, discussion, presentation, and video examples of the model.
  • Presenters: Nilusha Jiwani-Ebrahim, Kavita Bhatla, Valerie D’Paiva

    We know that the pandemic has had a significant impact on many organizations, from the workforce it employs to the clients it serves. Business organizations are increasingly required to shift toward better mental health support in the workplace, improving employee well-being, mitigating burnout, enhancing organizational effectiveness, and, ultimately, the client experience. In this workshop, facilitators will explore how the core principles of solution-focused communication support a trauma-informed lens to our work and how we create a sense of psychological safety in doing so. A trauma-informed approach, different from trauma-specific therapy, is when there is a universal acknowledgment that a high prevalence and impact of trauma in both clients and the workforce exists; it seeks ways to reduce re-traumatization and fosters psychological safety by aligning with the trauma-informed approach principles. Both these concepts are critical in creating a culture where a sense of community flourishes and where organizations can thrive in increasingly complex environments. The facilitators will use experiences from their own organization and engage participants in reflection, dialogue, and practice to explore and illustrate why this matters, what difference it can make to us and others, and how to integrate key insights into their own settings.
  • Presenter: Haesun Moon

    This session is for those who are teaching, mentoring, coaching, or supervising others to practice Solution-Focused approaches. In this session, you will learn simple ways of teaching yourself and others to become even better at your craft of Solution-Focused practices. This session will equip you with a foundational stance and practice of Solution-Focused Approaches by introducing the Dialogic Orientation Quadrant (DOQ) as a pedagogical heuristic that incorporates the practical wisdom of Opportunities by Simon and Taylor (2014, 2023), Microanalysis of Face-to-Face Dialogue by Bavelas et al., and the "Listen-Select-Build" framework by De Jong and Berg. It will be a highly interactive and reflective session where you will work with video analysis, live demonstrations, and practical exercises using various tools and resources to experience, experiment with, and explore different ways to implement what you learn.


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